The Vital Insurance CRM is developed for the Insurance Agency operation.  It provides a complete system for the Insurance Agency to operate in a team environment, and to transact and manage its business. 

Vital is designed around a number of related modules that cover processes from Lead development, through Quoting, and into ongoing Policy management and renewal.

The CRM is divided into two Sections.  The Base Section includes the forms necessary to manage your Client information from a Leads through Policies.  The optional Quoting Modules all you to manage the Request for BidQuoting, Sales Order and Invoice functions of your business.

These modules allow the team to work together to collect necessary data about an Account and its Exposures so that they can develop Coverage options to Bid.  

Vital then has a process for submitting an RFB (Request for Bids) to Vendors to collect insurance pricing and terms. The Bids are then assembled into Quotes for a Coverage which are presented to the Account for selection. Once the Account selects the Coverage to purchase, a Sales Order is generated for Policy processing. 

Upon Policy generation an Invoice is delivered to the Account.  The Invoice manages the return of Funds and document signature process needed to complete the Policy Binding Requirements. 

For Policy business that has been Won by the Agency, Vital provides tools to manage Service and Renewal activities. 

For Policy business that the Agency is pursuing for New Business, Vital provides tools to manage the Expiration Dates, and Business Development processes.

These tools are delivered through modules such as Activities - Calendar, Event and Task ; Reports; and Dashboards.

Vital Insurance CRM is part of a greater Cloud Computing Ecosystem provided by Zoho.comZoho fully integrates Vital Insurance CRM with a complete suite of web based business tools and SAAS applications.  This system allows the functionality of Vital Insurance CRM to be extended and integrated with other needed services.

There are 2 Options to obtain more information:

1) To schedule a personal interactive Demo of the Complete CRM
or to discuss Services and Pricing
Email your contact information including your phone number to 
Info@Vital-DFx.com or Phone 408-427-5500.

2) For a self guided tour of the Base Modules email your complete contact information including phone number to Demo@Vital-DFx.com.  We will reply with a link to our Demo system including User ID and Password.

Insurance CRM Module Descriptions



Details about a potential Account, Contact and Policy.  The Lead module controls the information and process of developing new accounts.


A Company or a  Household which may purchase or currently owns a Policy that you would like to track.


People that are a part of an Account and are named in a Policy, or are a key part of the Policy purchase decision process.


The description of the item requiring Coverage (i.e. Location, Vehicle, or type of Business)

The Policy information for an Account.  These are the policies that you sell or ones that you are trying to replace which the Account currently owns.


Pricing and Terms provided to the Account


A pictorial representation of your custom report data, which gives a real-time snapshot of your organization's key metrics.

Presentation of data or records for various modules as per requirement.
A list or register of events to track the daily activities pertaining to different modules within business operations
A marketing process which is planned, executed, distributed and analyzed.
A piece of work required to be done within a specific time frame. 


A package of Limits quoted to indemnify a the kind Exposure.

The companies your Agency submits RFBs to in order to receive Bids for Coverage.
RFB (Request for Bid)
A package of Coverages submitted to a Vendor to Bid.

A list of potential Coverages with Bids that an Account may select to be included in a Policy.

Sales Order

A list of Coverages selected for processing into a Policy.


A list of Funds and Coverage Binding Requirements needed to complete the Policy contract.